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Get to Know ALICE

Get To Know ALICE

Hear Directly From Your Workforce

Making a positive difference in the lives of your ALICE employees can begin with a few initial steps.

Familiarize yourself with the ALICE data by visiting UnitedForALICE.org

Interact with the data or download reports to learn more about the struggles of financially fragile families we call ALICE.

Get to know ALICE at your workplace.

Armed with the data it’s time to get some intel about the unique struggles of ALICE in your workplace.

  • Work with managers and human resources to identify individuals who are ALICE: Talk to known ALICE employees about any barriers they are facing, at work and outside work
  • Conduct a survey to identify who is ALICE and gain insight into their struggles
  • Form an advisory group to help develop projects and initiatives that get to the heart of ALICE employee’s struggles
Set a bold goal and share it internally and externally.
  • State your commitment to ALICE employees: Helping ALICE employees thrive should be part of your goals for the year; the stronger and more stable your workforce, the more satisfied and productive they will be
  • Track your progress: Frequently report out on progress towards these employee-centered efforts
  • Advocate for ALICE: Set the standard for other businesses to follow. Demonstrate the benefits that follow when companies intentionally prioritize the well-being of its employees, like focusing on the stability of your workforce. Please tell us about your successes by sharing HERE the ways you invest in ALICE workers.
It starts by knowing your employees. I take a journalistic approach to who works with us. Our managers are instructed to know in detail who works for them, who they are, what their circumstances are.
– Thomas McAteer, Landmark Hospitality
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